Italy – The Alps to Sicily, 2018

Stage 1: Cervinia to Saint Vincent
Stage 2: Saint Vincent to Ivrea
Stage 3: Ivrea to Castello di Rivoli
Stage 4: Castello di Rivoli to Pinerolo
Stage 5: Pinerolo to Saluzzo
Stage 6: Saluzzo to Mondovì
Stage 7: Mondovì to Barolo
Stage 8: Barolo to Alba
Stage 9: Alba to Acqui Terme
Stage 10: Acqui Terme to Salice Terme
Stage 11: Salice Terme to Pavia
Stage 12: Pavia to Piacenza
Stage 13: Piacenza to Cremona
Stage 14: Cremona to Sirmione
Stage 15: Sirmione to Verona
Stage 16: Verona to Este
Stage 17: Este to Chioggia
Stage 18: Chioggia to Crespino
Stage 19: Crespino to Ferrara
Stage 20: Ferrara to Modena
Stage 21: Modena to Castel San Pietro Terme
Stage 22: Castel San Pietro Terme to Forlì
Stage 23: Forlì to Popolano
Stage 24: Popolano to Fiesole
Stage 25: Fiesole to Montecatini Terme
Stage 26: Montecatini Terme to Lucca
Stage 27: Lucca to Cascina via Pisa
Stage 28: Cascina to Villanuova
Stage 29: Villanuova to San Casciano in Val di Pesa
Stage 30: San Casciano in Val di Pesa to Radda in Chianti
Stage 31: Radda in Chianti to Arezzo
Stage 32: Arezzo to Castiglione del Lago
Stage 33: Castiglione del Lago to Perugia
Stage 34: Perugia to Assisi
Stage 35: Assisi to Todi
Stage 36: Todi to Orvieto
Stage 37: Orvieto to Montefiascone
Stage 38: Montefiascone to Civita Castellana
Stage 39: Civita Castellana to Labarò
Stage 40: Labarò to Rome
Stage 41: Rome to Frascati
Stage 42: Frascati to Pofi
Stage 43: Pofi to Cassino
Stage 44: Cassino to Caserta
Stage 45: Caserta to San Marzano sul Sarno
Stage 46: San Marzano sul Sarno to Paestum
Stage 47: Paestum to Marina di Casalvelino
Stage 48: Marina di Casalvelino to Marina di Camerota
Stage 49: Marina di Camerota to Sapri
Stage 50: Sapri to Scalea
Stage 51: Scalea to Paola
Stage 52: Paola to Falerna Marina
Stage 53: Falerna Marina to Tropea
Stage 54: Tropea to Gioia Tauro
Stage 55: Gioia Tauro to Villa San Giovanni
Stage 56: Villa San Giovanni to Mazzaro
Stage 57: Mazzaro to Catania
Stage 58: Catania to Siracusa
Stage 59: Siracusa to Marzamemi
Stage 60: Marzamemi to Marina di Ragusa
Stage 61: Marina di Ragusa to Licata
Stage 62: Licata to Agrigento
Stage 63: Agrigento to Sciacca
Stage 64: Sciacca to Marsala
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