Italy II – Summer 2023

Prologue: Trieste Airport to Gradisca d’Isonzo

Stage 1: Gradisca d’Isonzo to Udine

Stage 2: Udine to Pordenone

Stage 3: Pordenone to Vittorio Veneto

Stage 4: Vittorio Veneto to Bassano del Grappa

Stage 5: Bassano del Grappa to Vicenza

Stage 6: Vicenza to Montagnana

Stage 7: Montagnana to Mantova

Stage 8: Mantova to Sermide

Stage 9: Sermide to Molinella

Stage 10: Molinella to Ravenna

Stage 11: Ravenna to Rimini

Stage 12: Rimini to San Marino

Stage 13: San Marino to Pesaro

Stage 14: Pesaro to Ancona

Stage 15: Ancona to Torre di Palme

Stage 16: Torre di Palme to Ascoli Piceno

Stage 17: Ascoli Piceno to Pineto

Stage 18: Pineto to Ortona

Stage 19: Ortona to San Salvo

Stage 20: San Salvo to Lido Campomarino

Stage 21: Lido Campomarino to Lesina

Stage 22: Lesina to Rodi Garganico

Stage 23: Rodi Garganico to Vieste

Stage 24: Vieste to Baia delle Zagare

Stage 25: Baia delle Zagare to Manfredonia

Stage 26: Manfredonia to Foggia

Stage 27: Foggia to Canosa di Puglia

Stage 28: Canosa di Puglia to Terlizzi

Stage 29: Terlizzi to Acquaviva delle Fonti

Stage 30: Acquaviva delle Fonti to Polignano a Mare

Stage 31: Polignano a Mare to Alberobello

Stage 32: Alberobello to Ostuni

Stage 33: Ostuni to Lecce

Stage 34: Lecce to Otranto

Stage 35: Otranto to Santa Maria di Leuca

Stage 36: Santa Maria di Leuca to Gallipoli

Stage 37: Gallipoli to Cuturi

Stage 38: Cuturi to Martina Franca

Stage 39: Martina Franca to Marina di Ginosa

Stage 40: Marina di Ginosa to Policoro

Stage 41: Policoro to Trebisacce

Stage 42: Trebisacce to Mirto Crosia

Stage 43: Mirto Crosia to CirĂ² Marina

Stage 44: CirĂ² Marina to Capo Rizutto

Stage 45: Capo Rizzuto to Catanzaro Lido

Stage 46: Catanzaro Lido to Ficarella

Stage 47: Ficarella to Tropea

Stage 48: Tropea to Sant’Elia

Stage 49: Sant’Elia to Scilla

Stage 50: Scilla to Giardini Naxos

Stage 51: Giardini Naxos to Catania